Sardinia is always kissed by the wind and, for this reason, is considered a paradise for KiteSurfing. Sardinia can be considered also a good place for Surfing, when strong winds are blowing.When strong winds are blowing, waves from small to medium size are coming, especially along the South and west coast of the island.

Sardinia Surfing Season

The best season for Surfing in Sardinia is from October to May, being Sardinia crossed by a high percentage of strong winds.

Sardinia Surfing: Lear to Surf in Sardinia, get one Surf Course
Surfing in Sardinia

If winter is by far the best season for surfing, it is also possible to enjoy the waves in other seasons, especially when the waves are created by the strong mistral (wind from north-west).

During the Summer season, from June to September, waves could be created by breezes (light locals winds), even if those winds are perfect for kitesurfing than for surfing. That is why during the summer season, it is preferable to do kitesurfing in Sardinia, a fantastic sport that can be practiced more frequently in many spots in Sardinia, as Punta Trettu.

Surf Spots in Southern Sardinia

Sardinia Surfing: Come in Sardinia and Learn Surfing. Enjoy a Surf Course in Sardinia
Sardinia Surfing

As the waves in Sardinia are depending on the wind, waves are more frequent in the spots where wind is blowing often. Given that the main winds of Sardinia are Scirocco (South-Est) and especially the Mistral (North-West), the South Est ad the West coast of Sardinia have the best surf spot. Let see now, which are the best surf spot in the West and South-West of Sardinia.

Surfing in Sardinia: Capu Mannu Surf Spot

The most famous Surf Spot In Sardinia is Capu Mannu that can offer often very big waves.

Surfing in Sardinia: Poetto (Cagliari) Surf Spot

Poetto, the beach of Cagliari, a sandy beach that gives easy waves with strong winds from East.

Surfing in Sardinia: Chia Surf Spot

Chia, that has many beaches for surfing, in a fantastic environment, with strong winds from East.

Surfing in Sardinia: Porto Pino Surf Spot

Porto Pino, white beach with good waves especially with the wind from south-West.

Surfing in Sardinia: Maresciallo Surf Spot

Maresciallo, in the island of Sant’Antioco, very good surf spot, for expert, with strong winds blowing from West or South-West.

Surfing in Sardinia: Porto Paglia Surf Spot

Porto Paglia, very nice beach with waves for all levels with all winds from West;

Surfing in Sardinia: Masua Surf Spot

Masua, an incredible place with good waves with winds from west

Surfing in Sardinia: Bugerru Surf Spot

Buggerru, offers several surf spots that have different waves conditions with the wind from North-West.

Surfing in Sardinia: Portixeddu Surf Spot

Portixeddu, exceptional surf spot when the wind from North-West expires.

Surf School in Sardinia

In Sardinia there are serveral surf schools that organize Surf Courses. Anyway not all conditions and spots are suitable for surfing, so surf lessons are not alwys available. The best surf spot for surf lessons (always if conditions are suitable) are: Poetto beach, Chia, Porto Paglia and Portixeddu.

Surf Courses are organized especially during the wave season (fromOctober to May). Anway, during the Summer season, small waves could be always enjoyed in the beaches of Sardinia.

Sardinia Surfing Course: Learn to Surf in Sardinia, get Surfing Lessons in South of Sardinia
Sardinia Surfing Course