Punta Trettu, in Sardinia island, is one of the most famous and of the best kite spot in Europe. Punta Trettu is considered a Kite Paradise because the sandy bottom, the flat shallow water and the high percentage of windy days.  People that come once in Punta Trettu, usually always come back.
Because the shallow water (and somewhere muddy) and because the constant blowing wind, at Punta Trettu there are almost no swimmers. But despite this and although Punta Trettu is considered a kitesurfing paradise, kitesurfing is allowed in some kite zones only. Let’s see below what they are.

Kite Zones in Punta Trettu

Due to the Coast Guard safety rules and the presence of a route boat channel, kitesurfing in Punta Trettu is allowed in two kite zones only. The allowed Kite Zones are:

  1. kiteschool zone, dedicated to the official that have won a multi-year public tender for the use of Punta Trettu),
  2. kite zone for the indipendent kiters.

In the other areas of Punta Trettu. kitesurfing is not allowed. Riders that will kitesurf in the not allowed kite zones could incur into a huge fine from the sea police and Guard Coast.

Punta Trettu maps

To understand well which are the Punta Trettu maps for kitesurfing, you can have a look at thehere below video and picture. 

Punta Trettu Kitesurf Maps
Punta Trettu Kite Zones