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I took a Zero to Hero kite course last summer in Punta Trettu, in the South West of Sardinia! It was an incredible experience! Gorgeous, flat and Shallow water, safe kite spot. The experience with the kite school was incredible, with great teachers and always a friendly atmosphere! Can’t wait to come back

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Kitesurfing Punta Trettu Sardinia, my Zero to Hero Kite Course
Kitesurfing Punta Trettu Sardinia, my Zero to Hero Kite Course

First of all, after I have learned to kitesurf, I can say that Learning to kitesurf is not so hard how it seems.
After long time I would like to start with kitesurfing,  I have attended a Kite Course just this year. As I was a completely beginner, I had a look on internet to find a easy and good spot for kitesurfing in one beautiful place in order to learn to kitesurf during my holidays. Punta Trettu Kite Center & Cafè in Sardinia, here I went! In Punta Trettu I decided for the super Kite Center Punta Trettu Kite Center & Cafè, part of KiteGeneration.

My Course in Punta Trettu: from Zero to Hero

After having a look at the proposed Beginner Kitesurfing Courses  I decided for the Zero to Hero Kite Course.
To be an independent kitesurfer it takes, for most of people, between 12 and 20 hours of kite lessons. But, a motivated person could go from zero to hero in less time.
The kite lessons I had in Punta Trettu were always great and easy, and I go up on the board in a very short time. I had lessons every day, the wind was blowing all the time (Punta Trettu have super wind statistics) and the sun shining every day.

The instructors

I changed instructor every day of lesson: Lucas, Mauro, Giorgio, Riccardo and Matias brought me to be an individual kitesurfer through the following steps learning to kitesurf.

My kite course

First I had to learn the proper kite theory and terminology so that your instructor could give me clear instructions. I learned how to set up the kite (it  is used to harness the power of the wind to glide on the water) and how to make it fly on the space. While kitesurfing, we always stand with our back to the wind facing the same direction as the wind and we stay in the center of the space where the kite can fly and get power : this space is called wind window.  Position of the kite in the wind window determines the power of the kite. The most powered position is when the kite is at 12:00 (directly in front of you), while the less powered positions are at 9 o’clock and 15 o’clock, exactly on our left or right.
The understanding of the wind window is the most important to know before to start to learn and practicing to control the kite, that takes more or less 5 hours.
After I got a good kite control, I moved up to the simulation of the water starts that means moving the kite through wind window to get the required power to let the kite lift us. This exercise were so important to understand where the power really is and how ito get the power, required for the water start.
After the simulation of the water start, I learned the Body Dragging, required in the water for safety reason and, when kite surfing,  to recover the board in case we lost it.
I completed all the above steps in more or less 7 hours. After that I started the real water start on the water with the board: sitting in the water with the board on, keeping the board near the water surface, moving the kite in the correct position into the power zone, I tried and tried until I was gliding on the water.

All was great: The spot of Punta Trettu, The instructors, the services and obviously the fabulous sport of kitesurfing!

Wind Statistics in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

Punta Trettu is kite beach, in the South West of Sardinia, famous all over the world for its good weather and wind statistic, and perfect conditions for kitesurfing.If you like to know the weather and wind Statistics in Punta Trettu, in this page you could find the correct information.

Winds in Punta Trettu

Punta Trettu in Sardinia, the incredible spot for kitesurfing in the South of Sardinia
Punta Trettu in Sardinia

Punta Trettu is a tip (“Punta”) that faces straight ahead (“Trettu” in Sardinian, “Dritta” in Italian) to the island of Sant’Antioco,  where the wind almost always blows during the year.
By adding the perfect wind conditions to the other great characteristic of this beach, the shallow and flat water, we can understand why Punta Trettu is considered a paradise for kitesurfing.
The advantageous position of Punta Trettu along the channel between Sardinia and the small Island of Sant’Antioco, guarantees great wind conditions for Kitesurfing.
In Punta Trettu are working perfectly the following winds:

  1. Mistral, wind from North-West), that is the prevailing wind during the year,
  2. Ponente, wind from West,
  3. Scirocco, wind from South-East,
  4. Ostro, wind from South,
  5. Levante, wind from South-East.

As said before, the above winds wind blow constantly during the year, and thanks to the “natural channel” between Sardinia and the island of Sant’Antioco, the winds are always constant and direct. In addition, during the summer and spring season, the peculiar morphology of Punta Trettu creates a local thermal wind which often boosts the wind of Mistral: for this reason this wind is often 5 or 10 knots stronger than what is forecast by Windguru and Windfinder.

Wind Statistics in Punta Trettu

Considering that the models to forecast the weather have an accuracy of approximately 50 km, they could not predict exactly the wind conditions in a particular place. In fact the wind conditions on a specific spot can be affected by local effects and the real wind conditions can be really different from what is forecasted. In Punta Trettu the local effects often increase the wind intensity.
Considering that the weather and wind statistics of the various weather services (like windguru.cz) do not take into account the thermal winds generated by morphology of local territory, the following wind statistics have been calculated considering the useful days in which we have been kitesurfing and doing kite lessons, since 2011. Those weather and wind statistics refer to the overall kite spots of southern Sardinia (all kite spots suitable for beginners). Statistics for Punta Trettu are very similar to those statistics.

Month of year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
% Wind for kitesurfing 35% 35% 50% 75% 75% 90% 90% 90% 70% 70% 50% 50%
Air temperature (°C) 12 13 16 18 21 26 29 29 26 23 18 16


Weather Forecast in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

Now that you know the wind statistics in Punta Trettu, you can have a look at the following links to check the weather forecast in this fantastic kite spot for kitesurfing, by keeping in mind what it has been explained before.

Punta Trettu in Sardinia, one of the best Kitesurf Spot in Europe

Punta Trettu in Sardinia, spot for kitesurf
Punta Trettu in Sardinia, spot for kitesurf
Sardinia offers many spots for various  kite disciplines. It will astonish the wave lovers as well as foilers  and freestylers.

Punta Trettu is a place in the South West of Sardinia. It is a tip (Punta) that faces straight ahead (“Trettu” in Sardinian, “Dritta” in Italian) to the island of Sant’Antioco.

Punta Trettu is a famous Kitesurfing spot due to:

  • shallow and flat water, that makes kitesurfing very easy
  • constantly blowing winds of Mistral, Scirocco, Ponente and Levante

Kite Spot Details

Minimun level required Beginner
Sea bed Sandy
The best wind Mistral
Water shape Flat/Choppy
Wind for waves
Distance from the center of Cagliari 85 km
Distance from parking 10 min by walk
Water temperature  15 °C (winter) – 25 °C (summer)
Wind range 10-40 Knots

Punta Trettu in Sardinia: the perfect spot for Kitesurfing

Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurf Spot
Punta Trettu in Sardinia: one of the best kite spot

Many famous kiters consider the kite spot of Punta Trettu in Sardinia the best flat and shallow water kite spot in Europe.
Punta Trettu works perfectly with:

  • north-west (Mistral) wind
  • south-east (Scirocco) wind

That are the predominant winds in Sardinia. Punta Trettu works even well with East (Levante) and West (Ponente) winds.
What makes this kite-spot so special is:

  • shallow and flat water
  • enough space for everyone.

For the above reasons, Punta Trettu is a perfect spot to learn to kitesurf for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Areas for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu

Punta Trettu Kitesurf spot in Sardinia
Punta Trettu Kitesurf spot in Sardinia

Although in Punta Trettu there are no swimmers, because of:

  • shallow water
  • small beach
  • constantly blowing wind

there are areas where kitesurfing is absolutely forbidden.
The areas where is allowed to kitesurf and the areas where is not possible, are shown in the underlying image and are listed here below:

not allowed areas for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu
  1. The part of the spot close to the boat navigation channel. For the national sea law, kiters should stay 500 meters far from that channel.
  2. The north-eastern part of the spot where fishermen’s nets are often installed.

Who will do kite in those areas, could incur into a huge fine from the sea police.

allowed areas for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu

Areas of Punta Trettu Kitesurf spot where is possible to kitesurf:

  • Areas dedicated to the kite schools for their kite courses / lessons,
  • Areas dedicated to the independent kiters that don’t need lessons with an instructor. This areas is always extremely shallow and perfect for freestyle.

Go to the video to check it out:
Kiting areas – Punta Trettu

Prices of Kite Lessons and Kite Services

  1. Prices of Promotional Kite Courses
  2. Prices of Kitesurfing Lessons 
  3. Prices of Kitesurf Rental
  4. Prices of Kite Go-Pro and Photo Service

1. Prices of Promotional Kite Courses

LEVEL private course semi-private course
(2/3 people)
1 TRIAL KITE COURSE For Beginner 2 hours consecutively € 109 € 69
2 KITE COURSE 8 For Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 8 hours in 2 or 3 days € 379 € 249
3 KITE COURSE 12 For Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 12 hours in 3 or 4 days € 539 € 339
4 KITE COURSE 15 For Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 15 hours in 4 or 5 days € 649 € 399

Kite Courses Notes

  • Prices are per person.
  • To know more about our school and courses, please refer to the page Punta Trettu Kitesurf School.
  • Kite equipment for kite courses: all the kite equipment required for the kite courses / lessons is included in the price.
  • Mandatory: students must be healthy and able to swim. Only people that like to attend TRIAL KITE COURSE  for Beginners could be not able to swim.
  • Private courses/lessons: 1 instructor/1 kite dedicated to the student.
  • Semi-private courses/lessons:
    • 1 instructor/1 kite dedicated every 2-3 students
    • Prices of semi-private courses/lessons are valid if you are 2  or more people
    • Semi-private courses are only for groups of friends who do the course on the same days. In fact, in the most of cases we can’t join students who do not know each other, as they have always different needs (eg: different days of course, different hours of course) or different characteristics (different weights, different levels)
    • for safety rules, we use one kite per instructor. If the students have the proper level (they can really well control the kite, they can do the body drag in all conditions, they can ride upwind), each student can have one kite. In this case, lessons/courses of each student will be considered as private lessons/courses.
  • The Kite courses that need more than two hours, have to run in consecutive days without interruption unless it will be agreed before the beginning of the kite course.  In each Kite Lesson, they shall be done at least two consecutive hours of lesson, otherwise the lesson will be considered as a single hour lesson with different costs.
  • Kite certificate will be provided by email at the end of the Kite course.
  • How to book the Kite Lessons / Courses:
    • Important: We can’t guarantee availability of places for kite courses and Kite camp for last minute reservations.
    • First step to book a Course Lessons / Courses is to register to our Registration Page. Once the registration has been done successfully, you will get the instructions to confirm the booking
    • Second Step: The second step, to confirm the booking, is to submit a down-payment of the total shall be submitted via bank transfer or paypal (in this case by adding 4% of commission).
  • Payment of the Kite Courses / Lessons :
    • The full amount of the kite service shall be paid before or at the first kite lesson. The payment can be done by bank transfer, by paypal (by adding 4% of commission), by credit card (VISA or Mastercard, by adding 2% of commission) or by cash. In case it will be impossible to complete the kite course because of lack of wind, you will be refunded in proportion to the taken hours. No refund is provided for other reasons not depending by weather conditions or by us.

2. Prices of Kitesurfing Lessons

In this section you can find the prices for the kitesurfing lessons hour per hour.
The bold cells / prices refer to promotional prices.

Hours of Kite Course / Lesson PRICE PRICE
private course semi-private course: 2/3 people
1 hour (single hour) € 59 € 45
1,5 hours € 89 € 68
2 hours € 109 € 69
2,5 hours € 139 € 92
3 hours € 168 € 114
3,5 hours € 198 € 137
4 hours € 227 € 159
4,5 hours € 257 € 182
5 hours € 286 € 204
5,5 hours € 316 € 227
6 hours € 345 € 249
6,5 hours € 375 € 249
7 hours € 379 € 249
7,5 hours € 379 € 249
8 hours € 379 € 249
8,5 hours € 409 € 272
9 hours € 438 € 294
9,5 hours € 468 € 317
10 hours € 497 € 339
10,5 hours € 527 € 339
11 hours € 539 € 339
11,5 hours € 539 € 339
12 hours € 539 € 339
12,5 hours € 569 € 362
13 hours € 598 € 384
13,5 hours € 628 € 399
14 hours € 649 € 399
14,5 hours € 649 € 399
15 hours € 649 € 399


after 15 hours + 20 euro for any additional 30 minutes + 12,5 euro per person for any additional 30 minutes

Please refer to the Kite Courses Notes

5. Prices of Kitesurf Rental

 n. Rental Service 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days More days
1 Supervised Rental € 99 € 179
2 Full Equipment € 79 € 129 € 179 € 229 € 279 € 50/d
3 Kite € 69 € 119 € 159 € 199 € 249 € 40/d
4 Board € 29 € 39 € 49 € 59 € 69 € 10/d
5 Harness € 9 € 19 € 29 € 35 € 40 € 5/d
6 Wetsuit € 9 € 19 € 29 € 35 € 40 € 5/d
7 Vest € 9 € 19 € 29 € 35 € 40 € 5/d

Notes about Kitesurf Rental

  • Minimum required level for rental services: Kite Equipment Rental is for riders able to ride upwind and only for those kiters who have a level of self-sufficiency. The school reserves the right to cancel the rental if the person threatens its integrity or that of other users of the beach or the supplied material.
  • It is not allowed to leave the material to third persons who have not proven their proficiency.
  • The equipment must be used according to the level of the kiter. If you try to raise the level without instruction and the equipment suffers damage in the event it must be paid 100% of the equipment value.
  • If material damages occur, the customer will pay the cost of equipment repair or replace the kite if impossible to repair.
  • In the event that the material is stolen, the customer must pay the school the material price (market price).
  • Punta Trettu Kite Center & Cafè Kiteschool is not responsible for accidents or misuse of the material.
  • 1 day Rentals are available just in the high season (July and August). People tha
  • Supervised Rental:
    • minimum skill level required for Supervised Rental is “able to ride upwind”
    • Supervised rental includes: kite spot valuable advices; assistance with starting and landing the kite
  • Supervised Rental duration: Max 3 hours
  • Price of Rental Services: prices will not change even if Rental is just for 1 hour.
  • Payment: the service should be paid at the first day of rental and anyway before the rental.
  • Shuttle Service from Cagliari to the Kite Spots is not included but can be provided.
  • Punta Trettu Kite Center & Cafè Kiteschool kite card and assurance are not included


6. Prices of Kite o-Pro and Photo Service

1 Single photo 1 € 4
2 All photos of course min. 10 € 20
3 Private photo shooting
(1 hour)
min. 15 € 40
4 Movie session, one charge of battery (ca. 1-2 hours ) € 20

For Kite booking and requests , please fill our contact form

Partnerships of Punta Trettu Kite Center & Cafè in Sardinia

On this page you could find the partnerships of Punta Trettu Kite Center & Cafè Sardinia: good kite, surf, SUP services, Hotels or accommodation in or out of Sardinia. Have a look, enjoy it!

Kite, Surf and Surf Partners


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  • Kiteschool in Australia
  • Would you like to enjoy kitesurfing during your next holiday in Australia? Have kite lessons with Soul Kite Australia Kite School
  • website: www.soulkiteaustralia.com

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Why Come to Sardinia for Kitesurfing and Where to Kite?

Punta Trettu Kitesurf Sardinia Kitesurfing
Kitesurfing in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most famous and stunning Mediterranean islands rich of natural environment, culture and traditions.
Most of the people come to Sardinia to enjoy the beautiful beaches along its varied coastline. Anyway, an ever increasing number of tourists look at Sardinia as destination that allows relaxinghaving fun and that has perfect conditions for sports like kitesurf: in fact, Sardinia, has a very high percentage of windy days in a perfect place for kitesurfing.

Come to Sardinia for Kitesurfing

Due to its positionin the center of the western Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia island is very windy, blown especially by Scirocco (wind from South East) and Mistral (wind from North west), can be considered a kitesurfing paradise.

Kite Lessons with Coach in Sardinia
Kite Lessons with Coach in Sardinia

If you like to enjoy kitesurf in Sardinia during your holidays, or if you just like to get close to this fantastic sport, in this page you can find all the best kite spots of Southern Sardinia. These kitesurfing beaches are ideal in all the seasons of year. The only difference between the summer and the other seasons it that during the summer the sea water is warmer and the weather is more stable, while during the other seasons the weather is more variable and can also lead to really strong winds and huge waves.

In this post we will focus on kite spot (both for beginners and advances) of south of Sardinia because, unlike the north of the island, the south of this fantastic island is less crowdedless expensive, warmer and the wind is much more stable and constant than the north of Sardinia. In the most famous place for kitesurfing of the north Sardinia, Porto Pollo, the wind is very gusty and cold comparing to kite spots such as Cagliari, Giorgino and Punta Trettu, where the wind is much more regular. Seeing is believing 🙂

Sardinia attracts kiters from all over the Worlds with its various kite spots. We head to the South of the island that offers the best conditions both for kitesurfing and for learning how to kite.

The best Kite beaches of Southern Sardinia both for beginners and advanced kiters

Until recently. Kitesurf and Windsurf lovers associate Sardinia just with Porto Pollo, famous for its glorious past. In the last years, the South Sardinia has had a boom between the kitesurfing enthusiasts: fantastic kite beaches, almost always very good wind and weather conditions and good connections from the most of Europe’s capitals thanks especially to the airport and port of Cagliari.
Kitesurfing beaches in southern Sardinia are more varied and less crowded than the kite spots of the North of the island. By moving all around the South of the Island, the chance to find a good wind for kitesurfing every day is very high.
All the kitesurf spots listed below are suitable both for beginners and for advanced riders and therefore are ideal for a family or a group of friends with different kite levels.
The south coast of Sardinia, from Villasimius to Funtanamare (this spot is just for expert) is probably one of the most windy coasts of Mediterranean sea and for this reason rich in many kitesurf spots: Villasimius, Poetto beach of Cagliari, Giorgino, Petrol Beach in Capoterra, Chia (spot not for beginners), Porto Pino (Spot not easy for beginners), Porto Botte and Punta Trettu, to name only the best known.

Kitesurfing at Poetto Beach in Cagliari

Kitesurfing at Poetto Beach in Cagliari
Kitesurfing at Poetto Beach in Cagliari

Poetto, the main beach in Cagliari, besides being famous for for its beauty, for its services and for its nightlife, it is also an ideal place for kite surfing: there is plenty of space, as it stretches for almost 10 Km. Poetto beach  is sandy and easily accessible, with plenty of parking and public transport. Best winds for kitesurfing are Libeccio (South West), Scirocco (South East), Levante (East). Mistral is blowing offshore, so it is possible to ride with this wind just with boat lift.  During the summer season (June, July, August, September), due to the large number of people on the beach, it is not possible to start from the beach, and it’s always needed a school support for lunching from a boat. During the summer season good place for kitesurfing close to Cagliari are Giorgino beach and Maddalena spiaggia (Petrol Beach) in Capoterra.

Kitesurfing at Giorgino and Petrol Beach

kitesurfing in Giorgino, Cagliari
kitesurfing in Giorgino, Cagliari

Giorgino and Maddalena beach, in the district of Capoterra, better known as Petrol Beach, are summer spots. In these two kite beaches, during the summer season, in the sunny days and in case of light winds of Libeccio (South-West) and Ostro (South), Scirocco (South-East), it blows a perfect thermal wind that can reach up to 20 knots, interrupted just in the Mistral’s days.

Kitesurfing in Villasimius

Kitesurf in Villasimius Sardinia
Kitesurf in Villasimius Sardinia

Villasimius is a popular tourist destination, with fantastic and beautiful beaches.
Here in Villasimius, there are two beaches for kitesurfingCampulongu and Porto Giunco.
These beaches, surrounded by a beautiful Mediterranean scrub, have a white sand bottom and crystal water.
Depending on the wind, you should change kite spots: Porto Giunco works with the Grecale (wind from North-East) and Campulongu works with the Liaeccio (wind from South-West).
During the summer season, due to the large number of bathers, a lift service is required.

Kitesurfing in Punta Trettu e Porto Botte

Punta trettu is a kite spot perfect for Kitesurfing with the winds of Mistral (north West) and strong Scirocco (South East). The Kite spot of Punta Trettu is very famous for its ideal conditions: constant wind, shallow water and flat water. What else?

During most of the trip, we’ll kite at Punta Trettu, one of the top 5 spots in Europe. Flat water and Shallow water makes it an ideal venue for a one-week kiteboarding course (for beginners) and kite clinic (for everyone who wants to improve their kiteboarding knowledge, quickly and efficiently).

Porto Botte bay
This bay is another great area for kitesurfing, suitable both for beginners and advanced kiters. In Porto Botte bay there are three different spots for kitesurfing:

  1. Il Fortino (the fort) with stronger winds than the other two places, but more complicated for beginners as the bottom is muddy and the wind is virtually offshore;
  2. Porto Botte center bay, where the wind is less strong than the fort but where there is a sandy sea bottom;
  3. Is Solinas, a bit choppy and with a bit less strong wind than the other two places. Compared with the other two spots of the bay is the most beautiful beach.