After longtime we were planning to go in Morocco, at the last minute we changed idea and we decided to go to kitesurfing in Sardinia.

Kitesurfing in Sardinia in April: Kite Beaches of Punta Trettu, Porto Botte, Petrol Beach, Cagliari

Sardinia has been a destination for windsurfers for a long time, but you still don’t hear too much news about kitesurfing. After a research on internet, decided to go in the South of Sardinia to spend our kite week holiday.
We got a flight to Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, and rented a car.(in Sardinia is pretty recommended to have a car)).
Because the weather forecast services were prediction Mistral (wind from North-West), we decided to move to the West Coast of Sardinia. We drove to Sant’Antioco, which is the largest village in the area, in about one hour along almost empty roads.
Sant’Antioco is a nice village with many restaurants but not night life this period of the year. But we were in Sardinia to enjoy kitesurfing and not to enoy all the night!
The first 2 days we had kitesurf in Punta Trettu, that incredible place! Shallow and flat water almost everywere!
The third day, we moved to Porto Botte, at the south of Punta Trettu and of Sant’Antioco. Very good spot, beautiful nature, strong wind, water a little bit choppy.
The fourth day, the Mistral stopped. Asking information to the local kiters, we got advise that the thermal wind was blowing in Petrol Beach, close to Cagliari. Here we went! The wind was perfectly steady, around 16 knots.

Kitesurfing in Sardinia Punta Trettu Porto Botte Cagliari Poetto Beach
Kitesurfing in Sardinia Punta Trettu Petrol Beach

The last 2 days, we went to kite at the fantastic Poetto Beach of Cagliari. In April, this beach is still empty and working well with the thermal wind and the Scirocco. Scirocco is wath we found the last 2 days of our fantastic trip in Sardinia. The first day at Poetto beach the wind was not so strong and the water was only a little bit choppy. The last day of our holiday the wind was strong and we got the chance to kite with our surf board! That incredible day!
Kitesurfing in Sardinia Punta Trettu Porto Botte Cagliari Petrol Beach
Kitesurfing in Sardinia: Poetto Beach of Cagliari

Our kite Experience in the South of Sardinia

We had our trip in Sardinia at the beginning of April. Air temperature during the day was around 25˚C and the water temperature around 17˚C.
In our trip we found wind every day. We had kitesurf for 6 days out 6 with the winds of Mistral (north-West) and Sirocco (South-East). To find the wind we moved to different kite beaches with our car.
Generally wind pick up in the afternoon but the wind of Mistral and Sirocco can pick up even in the morning and can blow over 30 knots.
It is recommended to get service from some kite schools there in order to get the necessary support and advises on the winds.

Kitesurfing in Sardinia Punta Trettu Porto Botte Cagliari Trip
Kitesurfing in Sardinia: Relax Time