Punta Trettu in Sardinia, one of the best Kitesurf Spot in Europe

Sardinia offers many spots for various  kite disciplines. It will astonish the wave lovers as well as foilers  and freestylers. Punta Trettu is a place in the South West of Sardinia. It is a tip (Punta) that faces straight ahead (“Trettu” in Sardinian, “Dritta” in Italian) to the island of Sant’Antioco. Punta Trettu is a famous Kitesurfing spot due to: shallow […]

Partnerships of Punta Trettu Kite Center & Cafè in Sardinia

On this page you could find the partnerships of Punta Trettu Kite Center & Cafè Sardinia: good kite, surf, SUP services, Hotels or accommodation in or out of Sardinia. Have a look, enjoy it! Kite, Surf and Surf Partners Kitefinder Kitefinder offers professional kitepreviews, kitereviews and kite tests website: https://www.kitefinder.com/ Need 2 kite Find the best Kite Spots worldwide website: https://www.need2kite.com/ Soul […]

Why Come to Sardinia for Kitesurfing and Where to Kite?

  Sardinia is one of the most famous and stunning Mediterranean islands rich of natural environment, culture and traditions. Most of the people come to Sardinia to enjoy the beautiful beaches along its varied coastline. Anyway, an ever increasing number of tourists look at Sardinia as destination that allows relaxing, having fun and that has perfect conditions for sports like kitesurf: in fact, Sardinia, has […]