Kite Learning Scale: the Kite Levels

All over the world, the ability of people on kitesurfing is evaluated with a Kite Level Scale. There are different organization and association that have defined their Kite Level Scale. One of those association is the VDWS, that has defined 7 kite levels:

  1. Kite Level 1: Safety Basics, Getting Ready, Start Kite Flying, Take Off
  2. Kite Level 2: Kite Flying, Kite Relaunch, Bodydrag
  3. Kite Level 3: Waterstart, Going Downwind for a short distance
  4. Kite Level 4: Going Downwind, Changing direction, Keep Position to Wind, Basic Jibe
  5. Kite Level 5: Going Upwind
  6. Kite Level 6: Basic Jumps and Carved Jibes, or Transition Jumps
  7. Kite Level 7: Rotation or Kiteloop, Grabs, One Foot, Board Off or Railey.

To be considered independent, the kite level 5 (able to go upwind), is required. Only independend people can rent kitesurf at Punta Trettu